Sleep Pathways, Our Fully Integrated Approach

Our Sleep Pathways Program brings together patient-centered primary care physicians with an accredited sleep medicine provider to diagnose and treat patients suffering from sleep disorders. We employ an integrated sleep care model with emphasis on sleep care coordination between our referring provider offices, our sleep specialists and your preferred therapy provider.

Our Sleep Pathways Program is custom fit to match your desired level of involvement from the initial workup to any ongoing compliance management you prefer. We accomplish this by sharing our proprietary sleep clinical pathways and training your staff in the use of our protocols.

With Sleep Insights, you chose how to work with us. You can access our traditional model through referrals, or you can opt to expand the specialty of sleep medicine into your office with our Sleep Pathways Program.  Whether you choose traditional referral, or opt for a partnership in the Sleep Pathways program, our multi-disciplinary approach is what differentiates us from our competition, and is the key to the long-term success of treatment. Our goal is to efficiently start the patient down the right pathway for success through a coordinated care model.

Putting You in Control

Fully trained sleep specialists will work hands-on with your staff to not only give them a comfortable working knowledge with the process of sleep medicine, but to also equip them with how best to educate and screen patients. Our goal is to bring the practice of sleep medicine into your office as a seamless and efficient subspecialty that keeps you in control of your patients’ health care.

Managing Sleep Can Help You Achieve Your NCQA- PCMH Accreditation Goals

By making sleep a top priority you have the twofold opportunity to improve patient health and improve your NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home scoring results. Managing patients with sleep disorders and especially those with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) touches upon all six NCQA standards and many “MUST-PASS” elements.

You could also choose to make OSA as one of your three chronic care services which may also improve the outcomes of other co-morbid conditions your practice is managing including obesity and hypertension.

So managing your patient’s sleep status is a smart choice for a healthier patient and helping you improve your NCQA scoring results. We can show you how.

Make Sleep Part of Your Business

Adding the sleep medicine piece to your existing practice allows you the opportunity to manage another aspect of your patient’s care and enhance revenues for your group. The Sleep Pathways Program will show you first-hand how to screen and assess your patients for sleep disorders, and improve patient satisfaction and make it more likely that patients will follow through with testing and treatment, leading to better outcomes.

Sleep Insights provides the education and screening parameters to allow providers to identify patients who are clinically appropriate for a Home Sleep Test (HST). Primary Care Providers managing their patients’ sleep apnea alongside other co-morbid conditions may realize improved patient outcomes.