The Sleep Pathways program is exclusively offered by Sleep Insights, an Upstate NY regional sleep medicine provider with headquarters in Rochester, NY. Founded in 2005 by Kenneth E. Plotkin, MD, a board-certified sleep specialist and neurologist, the company has grown to seven locations stretching from Buffalo to Syracuse and is supported by a dedicated staff of over 40 individuals.

Sleep disorders have been an often overlooked and under-diagnosed area of medicine. However, once diagnosed, the vast majority of sleep disorders can be successfully treated. The on-site sleep specialists at Sleep Insights can accurately diagnose the full spectrum of sleep disorders, including sleep disordered breathing, Restless Legs Syndrome and periodic limb movements, insomnia, and chronic daytime sleepiness.

Why Use Sleep Insights?

Our clinical approach as sleep specialists is to combine our clinical skills with the most advanced diagnostic technology available to arrive at the correct diagnosis and plan of treatment for your patients. With our emphasis on your patient’s comfort and convenience, our dedicated staff strives to accomplish this in the most cost-effective manner while working toward the best clinical outcomes.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to help identify and treat those patients suffering from sleep symptoms to restore their healthy sleep as quickly as possible. Our Company Mission is quite simply: Practicing Medicine. Perfecting Sleep.