What Is Home Sleep Testing (HST)?

A home sleep apnea test (HST) is a diagnostic test that monitors breathing patterns and effort, oxygen levels and heart rate. It does not measure sleep and cannot diagnose other sleep disorders. It is used to diagnose sleep apnea in appropriate patients and is done in the comfort of your home. A clinical evaluation with a Sleep Insights provider will determine whether an HST may be an appropriate test for you.

Home Sleep Testing:

  • is done at home
  • can be worked around your schedule
  • is picked up at at one of our office locations
  • is a painless procedure
  • records your breathing efforts while you sleep, using sensors near your nose and an elastic belt gently secured around your chest
  • monitors your blood oxygen levels and pulse, using a sensor on your fingertip
  • is quick and easy to set up; one of our healthcare professionals will demonstrate the placement of the belts and sensors before you leave our office, and our staff is just a phone call away if you have any questions

In the morning, simply return the device and results will be available to you within a few days. If you need further treatment, we’ll review the best options with you.

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Home Sleep Testing (HST) Instructions

If you need a refresher on how to use your HST unit, refer to the appropriate instructional video link below: