At Sleep Insights, we can work with you in many different ways to help you grow your practice and give your patients a better quality of life. While most sleep testing companies only diagnose sleep disorders, we can provide many different treatment options and then manage the entire process – including answering any questions your patients may have.

We offer:

  • Traditional referrals
  • Sleep Pathways – our program that helps you screen and assess your patients for sleep disorders, improve patient satisfaction and increase compliance
  • Consulting
  • Management services

Our sleep experts specialize in a wide range of sleep and neurodiagnostic testing, including:

Why physicians choose Sleep Insights

  • An accredited sleep center. We are a specialized, accredited medical care facility that can diagnose and treat sleep disorders.
  • On-staff board-certified sleep physicians. Our experienced staff is highly trained in how to diagnose and treat sleep disorders.
  • Better sleep in as little as three weeks. Once the sleep test is completed, we typically diagnose the sleep disorder and offer a treatment solution in a timely manner, so your patients are sleeping better in just a few weeks.
  • Clean and comfortable facilities. Your patients are probably nervous about sleep testing, which is why we offer private, hotel-like rooms for them, and make every procedure as painless and easy as possible.
  • Compliance rate above 80%. The industry average for patient follow-thru is 50%. With Sleep Insight’s patient care model, our compliance rate exceeds 80%.
  • Nearby locations. With multiple locations, we’re sure to have a sleep lab conveniently located to all of your patients.
  • Achieve your NCQA-PCMH accreditation goals. Managing patients with sleep disorders and especially those with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) touches upon all six NCQA standards and many “MUST-PASS” elements.

Ready to learn more about how Sleep Insights can help your practice? Just contact us today.